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Call For Papers


Contributed papers are solicited describing original works in Computer Vision, Image Processing and Pattern Recognition. Topics and technical areas of interest include but are not limited to the following:


3D Modeling and Visualization
Animation and Motion Capture
Biomedical Imaging New and Emerging Applications
Cognitive and Biologically-inspired Vision
Color and Texture
Computer Vision and Image Processing Applications
Content-Based Image Retrieval
Document Image Processing
Face and Gesture
Illumination and Reflectance Modeling
Knowledge Representation and High-Level Vision
Medical Image Analysis
Object Detection and Categorization
Object Recognition
Video Analysis and Event Recognition
Video Surveillance and Monitoring
Image compression, coding, and encryption
Image data structures for computer graphics
Image generation, acquisition, and processing
Image search and browsing on the Web
Image summarization and visualization
Image-based modeling and algorithms
Statistical, syntactic and structural pattern recognition
Machine learning and data mining
Artificial neural networks
Graphical Models for Pattern Recognition
Representation and analysis in pixel/voxel images
Support vector machines and kernel methods
Active and ensemble learning
Deep learning
Pattern recognition for big data
Semi-supervised learning and spectral methods
Model selection